What is a Co-op?


(noun) A jointly owned enterprise operated by its members for their mutual benefit, also known as a co-op.


What is a Co-op and why were they formed?

A cooperative is a private business organization that is owned and controlled by the people who use its products, supplies or services.  Cooperatives have historically been formed to promote the interests of the less powerful members of society, with the idea that consumers could accomplish more collectively than they could as individuals.  In the telecommunications industry. they were born out of the need for goods and services that were not offered in rural communities, because it was not often profitable for commercial telecommunications companies to serve rural areas.  Farmers, workers, and members of the community banded together to find a way to obtain essential services, such as telephony, at reasonable cost.  Thus, telecommunications cooperatives were born!

What do cooperatives do for my community?

Cooperatives understand that they serve not only their members and customers, but friends and relatives as well.  Consequently, co-ops are giving back to their communities in big ways.  They create jobs, build infrastructure, and make their communities stronger and more vibrant places to live.  telephone co-ops bring state of the art technology to places where it was not previously available.  Many telephone cooperatives that initially offered only landlines services are now offering additional services such as broadband, wireless, and television.  Cooperatives often also provide valuable education,  training, and information for members of the community they serve.

Annual Meeting of the Members

Our Annual Meeting of the Members is held each year in the Fall. Invitations are mailed to the membership with details about the date, location, and time prior to the meeting.