Everyone at Wilkes Communications is committed to serving our customers’ needs and the needs of our community. Our network is strong, reliable, and ready to help you stay connected during these challenging times.

Working From Home

Maintain your mental health

Working from home and social distancing can be hard. Maintaining your mental health is important for creativity, productivity, and your overall wellbeing. Check out this list of ways to support your mental health during COVID-19. We like the idea of getting out in nature, reaching out to venerable neighbors, and being grateful.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

You know what they say, cleanliness is next to godliness. Now more than ever, personal hygiene is important. Even though you are at home, washing your hands frequently and thoroughly is crucial. While there are many guides out there on proper handwashing techniques, these two are some of our favorites. Also, did you know, your cell phone has 10x more germs than a toilet seat? So, while you’re washing your hands, consider washing your phone, too. Here is a handy article on some ways to go about disinfecting your phone.

Give yourself structure

Sure, working from can be awesome. Working in your PJs and all that. But that said, it is important to treat a work from home scenario as though you are working from your office. We recommend you wake up early and go through your routine as though you are preparing to go in. Get showered and dressed (no one wants to see you in your PJs, regardless of how cute they are). Similarly, we recommend taking your usual short breaks and lunch break like you would normally. This structure will help you keep your regular rhythm and keep your day from getting away from you.

Have a dedicated workspace

Working from home allows you to have a more mobile office than you might be used to. Suddenly working from your bed, your kitchen table, or your couch all seems enticing. However, setting up a designated workspace will help you eliminate distractions and stay focused during your office hours. There’s nothing worse than working from your kitchen table with a pile of dirty dishes staring at you. Trust us.

Have a reliable internet and phone connection

Being and staying connected while working from home is paramount. We recommend running an internet speed test to assure you are able to maintain productivity with a number of new devices being connected on your home network. If not, call your provider and see what they can do—many internet and phone providers are waiving data charges or running promotions to help you and your kids work productively from home.

Be available and set expectations

Working from home means you should still be working your normal office hours, even if you aren’t in your normal office environment. Set expectations with your team around your availability and make it clear when and how people can best get ahold of you. Phone calls, text messages, instant messaging, emails, and video conferencing are powerful ways to stay connected with your team during this time. We recommend using video conferencing tool like Zoom to stay connected in a “face-to-face” format (just don’t forget to mute your audio when you aren’t talking). An instant messaging tool like Slack is a great way to communicate with your team via direct instant messages or group messages.

Check in with each other

Working from home is not always easy on everyone and your team may be struggling with uncertainty, loneliness, their workload, or more. Now is the time to be a good neighbor—reach out and check in with your team.

Get a good playlist

Matching your playlist to your task at hand can be a great way to get motivated, stay focused, and conquer your task list. We recommend Metallica and Mozart

Stay educated

There is a LOT of information out there and it can be hard to follow what is happening. Staying informed is crucial to your health and safety so we recommend checking in (and sharing, when appropriate) resources with your team on new developments in your area. We recommend following sites like the CDC’s Coronavirus page or the World Health Organization’s page to stay aware

Fun Activities for Kids

Need something fun to do with your children at home? Check out these fun activities!

Lunch Doodles – Mo Williams has uploaded LIVE drawing classes on YouTube to keep children engaged.

Dreambox Learning – Dreambox is offering deals for parents to help their kids stay educated while their not in school.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt – The perfect kid-friendly social distancing activity! Click here for a free printable PDF.

Free Children Stories offers books online for students in elementary and middle school. These are free to read, no sign-ups or downloads required.

Creative Ways To Use The Internet

Watch TV Everywhere

Are you looking for something to do while at home while you are social distancing? Don’t have access to streaming services, such as Netflix or Hulu? This is a way for you to stay entertained without breaking the bank!

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