Wilkes Communications will provide telephone service from our office to the point of entry at your premises. Wilkes Communications is responsible for all related repair issues in that connection. Inside wiring and/or jacks are the responsibility of the customer.

WireGuard – $5.00

WireGuard is a protection plan that is offered with all internet services, for $5.00 per month. This plan includes repair and replacement of faulty inside wiring and/or modular jacks due to normal wear and tear, defective wireless router replacement and all service charges associated with a Wilkes Communications’ technician coming to your home or business to diagnose issues found within the standard inside wiring and/or modular jack. WireGuard does not cover a service call charge in the event your trouble is found to be in your telephone equipment.

SecureGuard – $9.00

Receive a lifetime warranty on all equipment, labor and service charges on your Wilkes Communications monitored Security System for as long as you pay the monthly fee. Never pay expensive and unexpected equipment and service charges again.