Digital TV Bundled Pricing

Pricing reflected below are listed as bundle rates. Phone Plan or Internet Plan required. $10 surcharge on all TV plans.

Digital Basic


Digital Plus


Digital Premier


Set-Top Box & Whole-Home DVR

High Definition

Set-Top Box Options_________________





Whole-Home DVR

With Whole-Home DVR service, you can watch your recorded shows on any TV, all from one DVR.  If you start watching in one room you can finish where you left off in another room.

Whole-Home DVR enables you to:
  • Watch and/or record up to 2 shows at once.
  • Schedule recordings from any TV in the home.
  • View recorded programming from any TV in the home.

Whole Home DVR Service

*One DVR set-top box is required.

HD channels are only available to Fiber to the Home Customers.

HD Channels


$10 surcharge on all TV plans. Wilkes Communications is not responsible for network content and/or changes. *Pricing and channels subject to change without notice. *Prices are listed as bundle rates. If you have a complaint about your television service, you should first contact customer service at the following telephone number: 336-973-3103. If the service provider does not satisfactorily resolve your complaint, contact the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of North Carolina – within North Carolina dial 1-919-716-6000, outside North Carolina dial 1-877-566-7226,