Personal Emergency Response System

Wilkes Regional Medical Center Auxiliary is working in partnership with Wilkes Communications to offer customers safety and independence for the ones you love with PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems).

With our PERS we are once again offering solutions that our competition is not. We have an integrated Nurse Call feature in the system that will allow users to have 24/7 access to a nursing station with their medical history on file. The idea behind our Instant Care PERS system is to be proactive in reporting signs of potential conditions to help eliminate the need to have to push the emergency button. In addition to the Nurse Call feature, there is a water-resistant pendant with a battery life of up to 5 years to allow users to move around their home and in some instances around their yards with limited range to the voice box and still be covered in case of an emergency. The voice box and pendant in the PERS system is monitored 24/7 by a live person to assist when help is needed. It has full time two-way duplex voice capabilities to the central monitoring station can communicate with the user and understand how to appropriately respond to the call.

We also provide additional PERS systems for users who spend more time outside of their home that actually allow you to communicate through the pendant worn around the neck so you don’t have to be in the home to be heard through the voice box. With this solution waterproof buttons can also be placed in bathrooms in case of a fall when a user might not have their pendant around their neck. It gives the user the freedom of being protected even if they like to get out of the house and work in their yard or garden.

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