Calling Features

Anonymous Call Rejection - $2.00
Rejects all callers who block their names and numbers from displaying on your Caller ID devices. Rejected callers will hear a message that you do not accept anonymous calls.

Call Forward - $2.00
Forwards all incoming calls to another number you program into your phone and can change at any time.

Call Return - $2.00
Returns a call to the last number that tried to reach you.

Call Screening - $2.00
Prevents callers with whom you do not wish to speak from ringing your line. Calls from phone numbers you select and program into your phone are redirected to a message that you are not receiving calls at this time.

Call Waiting - $2.00
Alerts you to incoming calls while you are on the phone. Puts the first call on hold while you answer the second.

Caller ID - $4.50
Displays the number and name of a caller before you answer your phone. This feature requires a Caller ID display unit or a Caller ID display phone.

Caller ID on Call Waiting - $1.25
Adds Call Waiting to Caller ID by displaying the number and name of a caller while you are on the phone. This feature also requires Call Waiting service and a display unit or phone.

Priority Ringing - $2.00
Enables you to create a list of phone numbers that will ring with a distinctive pattern when calling your line (and sound a unique alert tone if you also have Call Waiting). All other calls will ring normally.

Three-Way Calling - $2.00
Connects you with two other lines at the same time for a three-way call. Works with local calls, long distance calls or a combination of both.

Voice Mail - $4.00
An easy-to-use voice answering service that records messages from callers when you are unavailable or on the phone. You can check messages from anywhere.

How to use calling features.

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